About Irina

Irina is the consummate San Franciscan. After 14 years of living in several neighborhoods in the City she is fluent in the different locales it has to offer, and is committed to helping you acquire the home that will make you satisfied beyond your expectations, in the area that will suit your particular needs.

Irina is a master at incorporating all your concerns into the home selection process, and has a wealth of knowledge to help motivate the right buyer, should you be offering your home for sale. She is fluent in Russian, is a UC Berkeley graduate, has run a small business in San Francisco, and has a child in the San Francisco school system. It goes without saying that she is a San Francisco homeowner. Her unique skill set makes her an asset for buyers and sellers alike.

Irina does not “sell” or “buy.” She gives you 100% of her attention, and takes pride in negotiating on your behalf in a way that brings value to all involved. She helps bring parties together for a mutually beneficial exchange, ensuring that buyers know they have the home of their dreams, and bring confidence to sellers that they are receiving the value they expect.

She has a deep understanding of the concerns of both parties in the real estate market, and will bring her know-how, tenacity, and integrity to bear to give you the very best outcome.

Irina does not take “no” for an answer. Quite irresistible in her own way, she helps bring down the barriers that often exist in the real estate market, to bring people together in a way that benefits all, on the points that truly matter to each.

Expect Irina to be a person that is straightforward, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented. She will manage your business better than you thought possible.