Irina is an amazing real estate agent. She is very knowledgeable, hands-on, determined and professional.

She tirelessly looked for a condo for us in this very competitive SF market and gave us useful advice with each property. She respected our opinion and never pushed us into any decisions we weren’t ready to make. She even talked us out of buying a place when we were getting too desperate to get in the market because she saw that the place was not a really good fit for us.

Irina closely kept in touch with us throughout the home-buying process and responded to all of our communications immediately even just to let us know that she was working on it.

She also knows a lot of agents in the city and has good relationships with them. She was able to get a lot of insider’s information and get us in to see a lot of off market properties. She was super nice and friendly with everyone she communicated on our behalf, yet very firm when looking out for our best interest and negotiating on our behalf.

Even though, Irina specializes in the SF market, she was willing to go extra mile and intermittently helped us look for properties in Oakland as well. Thanks to her we are now proud owners of a property on the Inner Mission. Highly recommended.

Won K.

Finding a home in the San Francisco market can be extremely daunting. Irina was the main reason we were able to find our dream home. She is honest, available, detail-oriented, and extremely hard-working. We have now been in our new home for 6 months, and to this day, I appreciate the hard work that Irina put into making this home ours. We still keep in touch regularly, following up with each other about our kids’ experiences growing up in this city. I can’t say enough good things about Irina!!

Laura C.

Irina is a pleasure to work with.  With her help, we bought a condo in SF.

Irina was energetic and enthusiastic about helping us buy a home. She was always happy to provide her personal comments about places, which was useful since she’s seen so many properties compared to the average buyer.  She’d recommend buildings with good prices or units that suited our needs.  When I had questions, she would do her best to get back to me within a couple hours, even if the call had to be brief.

We spent a few weeks running around SF, checking out properties.  She worked hard to get appointments scheduled, and to get us from one place to another as efficiently as possible.  Once we found a property we liked, she recommended bankers and agents as needed, and helped us manage the onslaught of paperwork and logistics.  I felt she sincerely wanted us to find a good place, and to have a good experience working together

Nadya C.

The San Francisco real estate market seemed daunting to my husband and I. We decided to “start” looking for a home to buy and we met Irina at an open house. She was approachable and forthcoming. And without attitude!

We were not asked to sign to commit to working with Irina but every step along the way until even after we moved into our new home Irina was doing work for us in the background and foreground. She is honest and moral, she works hard and her effort extends into nights and weekends.

There was some major issues that our mortgage broker presented and all the while Irina was professional and composed. even when she did not deserve to be, she acted within our best interest and held her ground.

I have often been told that my expectations of people are too high, but Irina never disappointed. She really is a gem. I have no doubts that she is rapidly becoming a hot agent; she really deserves it.

I find it rare to actually want to become friends with your agent, but irina will give you support, knowledge, and is unrelenting until you find what you want. This helps during stressful times which is inevitable in this process.

We cannot thank her enough for all she has done. You will not make a mistake by working with Irina!!”

Hiral P.

Highly recommend Irina. She is very hard working and friendly to work with. My husband and I ran into her at one of the open houses. Her friendly nature allowed us to ask her some basic questions and we decided to work with her from that point on. We were beginners in this process – hadn’t looked at buying houses/condos before. So we were pretty fresh and unaware of many things. However, Irina always took her time to educate us and make us aware of key items.

We ran into a few seller’s agents that were not very professional and organized. Irina always stayed on top of everything that needs to happen in the process of buying a home. Our seller’s agents often times forgot to provide us with a few reports but Irina took the responsibility to remind them.

As beginners in this process often times we had questions while reading documents, and Irina was always very helpful answering them. We never hesitated to text, call or email her. Often times, she met us at a coffee shop or a pre-decided location to have a face to face chat too as necessary. Extremely hard working agent for sure!

She found us our dream home!!! Without her help and expertise, we would not have a new condo that we are so happy with! 🙂 She respects her clients and their concerns. She listens to what the buyer wants in a home and matches you accordingly. Often times, she asked us to go look at houses that we didn’t consider but really appreciated taking a look at after visiting. It made us an educated buyer at the end of the day.

She drove us a couple times to open houses and to check out the neighborhoods where we were considering buying a house. She is willing to share her opinion if she strongly thinks that are some negatives for a potential house being considered for an offer which helped us tremendously.

There are multiple Paragon offices which comes in handy sometimes when you need to meet your agent at one of the city locations closer to where you are.

You won’t be disappointed with her. We love her!”


I have interviewed a few other agents when I made the decision to sell my house and decided to work with her.  From having my first conversation with Irina to closing on my house sale, it took less than one month!  I am very satisfied with her work and would highly recommend her.  She provides me with her professional opinions yet still takes time to listen to my needs.  She allows me to make an informed decision rather than pushing me into whatever she thinks right.  She is efficient, down-the-earth and hands-on. Her strategy and suggestion helped me secure a better offer price.  I couldn’t ask for more!

Torgeir H.

My wife and I are relocating to San Francisco from Marin, and Irina has been a great help so far. She took the time for a long conversation to really understand our needs, and so far that has paid off in minimal waste of time in the properties she has shown us. 

I also get the feeling that we are often among the first to see the places we go to. She has a solid knowledge of the neighborhood we’re interested in (Inner Richmond). Most of all we like the interaction, and feel like we have someone in our corner. 

Although we aren’t done with any negotiations yet, I’ll venture a full house on that one too. If I can be the judge, I would imagine she’ll be a good negotiator for us, seeing how she has a very positive and engaging way to approach people, and how she does her homework to create win-win situations.”

Yelda B.

Irina is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Plus she’s stylish and seems to know all the best locales in SF! If you are looking for an honest and hard-working buyer’s agent, call Irina. You won’t be disappointed.